The Official Tumblr for the film "Freaks Nerds & Romantics" (2010).

Long Island twenty-somethings Dean Bishoff (Michael Koscik) and Scott Flynn (Sean King) are uncertain about the future of their band, CON.SPIRE - for very different reasons. Their spirits dampened by the plateau they have hit in their success, they realize they have two options: push further or pull apart. Dean is inspired to press .. his close friend and muse Talia (Barri Kiem), finds success in her own band, Now Spit. But Scott is showing signs of wanting to branch out on his own.

Putting their predicament into perspective is Lucy Merrick (Jamie Frevele), a long-time friend presented with the opportunity of a lifetime, writing a feature article for a pop culture magazine. Finding herself in the position of outside observer, Lucy makes her friends the focus of the piece, chronicling their hardships as emerging talents caught between free adolescence and responsible adulthood.

Featuring performances by the Bouncing Souls, Alkaline Trio, The Explosion, and a cameo by MTV2's Jim Shearer, "The Freaks, Nerds and Romantics" seeks to shed light on the Twenty-Something Trap.


Michael Koscik as Dean Bishoff . Sean King as Scott Flynn . Barri Keim as Talia Roth . Jamie Frevele as Lucy Merrick . Dan Holmstrom as Lucas Hanson . Josh Casuccio as PAF . Dale Holzman as Reese . Lizz Carlucci as Megan . Jeff Tiu as Jeff . Henry Quindara as HQ . Mike Holmstrom as Pike . Jim Shearer as Doug Field . and introducing Matt Roren as himself

edited by Max Santoro

written by Pete Bune and Jacob Stebel

produced by Pete Bune . Jacob Stebel . Mike Koscik . and Sean King

directed by Pete Bune
Jello Biafra & Ian MacKaye
  1. Jello Biafra & Ian MacKaye

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